Holiday Festival of Dance

For the health and safety of our dancers, staff and audience members, the Holiday Festival of Dance in 2020 is cancelled.

Photo of Cardinals in Flight at the Holiday Festival of Dance.

Enjoy the 2020 show story line!

The 48th Anniversary of the Holiday Festival of Dance 2020 was originally supposed to be held on Saturday, December 12th & Sunday, December 13th this year.

We look forward to having this event in 2021! Have a safe and happy holiday season!

However, unlike any year, it is a time where we are learning to create and celebrate the holidays with our intimate families, viewing the world from a safe and socially distant lens. Still, we wanted to share this story with you:

There once was a penguin named Penny who wanted more than anything to do what Penguins can’t; fly. In the cold, frosty mornings, she would watch beautiful snow geese soar by only to heighten her wish to FLY. She thought, “What good is a bird with wings that won’t work? If my wings won’t lift me, I’ll find something that will.” So, she sent away for a special new delivery; Flap-o-matic wings! Of course, these were too small and didn’t work at all.

With the Holidays approaching, Penny believed that if she asked Santa for a very special gift, really asked with all of her heart, her dream might come true, she might get wings that work! So, she sat down to write Santa a letter with this very special wish just before heading to bed.

Photo of Penny the Penguin at the Holiday Festival of Dance.
Photo of Mexican Folkloric dancers at the 2019 Holiday Festival of Dance.

Soon Penny was fast asleep and dreaming that she was flying, actually flying high above land and sea on her way to the North Pole. Before she knew it, she was in Santa’s Workshop and it was alive with saws sawing, hammers hammering, and brushes painting as Mrs. Claus and the elves prepared to get all the shiny new toys ready for delivery. The Reindeer had been out on the tundra, wild and free, and the only one that could tame them and train them was Penny. After successfully corralling the Reindeer, Penny was invited to ride in Santa’s Sleigh to deliver gifts to all the children around the world.

Suddenly, Penny was awakened to a pounding on her door and a frantic call for HELP! The snow geese were hollering, “Hurry, hurry, HELP US! Santa’s Sleigh is sinking in the lake!” Penny jumped from bed and ran toward shore. Stopping suddenly, she gasped in horror as she saw Santa’s sleigh sinking in the middle of the lake. She was struck with panic.

Will she be able to rescue Santa and the sleigh, laden with gifts, in time for the Holidays? And will she ever find her wings to fly? Stay tuned as our story unfolds.