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About Us

With dozens of parks, hundreds of programs, and a full menu of services, Parks and Recreation touches you and your family’s lives in many different ways. Whether you are visiting a park playground, enjoying the “urban forest” created by our many trees, or participating in a recreation class, you have access to Parks and Recreation services that help you maintain a positive quality of life.

Parks and Recreation helps create a sense of community that makes the City of San Mateo a great place to live, by:

  • Operating 16 athletic fields and 22 playgrounds.
  • Managing 21 sports facilities including tennis and other sports courts, swimming pools and our golf course.
  • Maintaining many City landmarks and more than 40 miles of paths and trails.
  • Caring for more than 3 miles of beaches and shoreline along the San Francisco Bay and Marina Lagoon.
  • Facilitating boating use of the 220 acre Marine Lagoon.
  • Looking after about 25,500 street and park trees.
  • Maintaining over 250 landscaped medians.
  • Offering almost 300 different types of activities from classes to camps, educational lectures to exciting excursions.

Enriching Lives 

Part of what makes a great community is the feeling of belonging – knowing there are opportunities to interact, to explore and to enrich life all in your own neighborhood.  Parks and Recreation has a number of programs to help create that sense of community. 

  • Child & Youth Development:  We offer a broad variety of activities, ranging from infancy through teen age years and provide a fun and safe environment for your child.
  • Creative Outlets:  From art to music and a lot in between, we have hundreds of classes that give you or your child the chance to learn a new skill and meet new people.
  • Active & Healthy Lifestyles:  We have dozens of sports leagues, great sports facilities and instruction as well as some really beautiful parks and trails – all designed for active and healthy lifestyles.
  • Lifelong Learning:  Learning, whether you are eight or 80, is an important element of life.  You and the many generations of your family, have access to hundreds of classes that make learning always feel new, fun and challenging.  
  • Senior Services:  No where is community more evident than at our senior center where each week there are dozens of activities and classes to take advantage of.

We work with the San Mateo City Council and involved City residents to create a broad and diverse Park and Recreation Program.  We encourage you to get involved!  If you would like to serve on one of the commissions, please fill out an online application.

Our Mission:

The Parks and Recreation Department creates community through people, parks and programs. We:

Provide an appropriate mix of safe, well maintained and well designed parks, open spaces and community center facilities that are accessible for all residents

Create enriching leisure opportunities for all age groups that support lifetime users and enhance the physical, intellectual, social and cultural growth and development of our residents

Enhance the value of parks and recreation as an essential community service by ensuring access for all and providing outstanding customer service, effective public information and strategic engagement with identified community partners

Preserve and protect the City’s natural resources including its urban forest, public open spaces, pedestrian and bicycle trails and landscaped medians and islands


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