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Middle School Event Rules
  1. Dress Code:
    • You may be sent home (and may return in appropriate clothing) for wearing the following:
      • See-through, revealing, or provocative clothing (if we can see your underwear, it’s inappropriate!)
      • Shirts with sexual, racial, drug/alcohol related logos or messages
    • Extremely short skirts/shorts
    • Shoes must be worn at all times.
    • The staff may use their discretion as necessary.
  2. You must have pre-purchased your ticket and have your school I.D. If you are purchasing a ticket at the door, your parent/legal guardian MUST accompany you to the door and sign your ticket.
  3. There are no in/out privileges. If you choose to leave early, your parent must come to the door and pick you up.
  4. Alcohol and other drugs of any kind are not permitted anywhere on our property.
  5. Fighting will not be tolerated. Parents and proper authorities will be notified. Fighting will lead to expulsion from one or more future events.
  6. Items such as gum, markers, weapons, stink/smoke bombs, lasers are not allowed and will be confiscated at the door. Multiple offenses will lead to expulsion from our events.
  7. No High school students allowed.
  8. Check in all bags, purses, and skateboards at the coat check. The coat check will close at 7:30pm and re-open at 8:45pm.
  9. Respect all people and property.

Breaking any of these rules will result in expulsion from
the event and/or future events along with a phone call to parents.


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