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Red Zones
No-Parking Red Zones

Red Curbs are necessary for the smooth and safe operations of public transit, fire responders, and in general, all motorists. Red curbs are also necessary for other areas where a parked car will limit visibility for traffic, pedestrians or bike riders.

The City aggressively enforces its no parking areas. No stopping, standing or parking is allowed at any time at a red curb. No-parking signage is sometimes used instead of a red curb, but they are similarly enforced. No-parking areas are found all over the city.

Public transportation is the only exception to the “no parking in red zone” rule. A bus may stop in a red zone marked or signed as a bus zone.

Definition of Red  Zones

Critical Red Zones 
Critical Red Zones are installed for the benefit of the entire community. They can be installed on any intersection corner to maintain safe and efficient visibility, or on certain segments of streets where narrow street widths impede the flow the traffic or create unsafe driving conditions. 

Non-Critical Red Zones
Non-Critical Red Zones include the curb space in front of fire hydrants, United States Post Office mailboxes, and appropriately signed and marked public transit bus stops.

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