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Curb Marking Fees
Fees are collected for curb marking requests when the curb marking will benefit an individual property rather than the general public. Each curb marking request requires time for City staff to evaluate the request, conduct field visits, collect and analyze data, mark curb-painting locations and install the markings.

To offset the cost of material and staff time for these activities, the fees presented in the following table are collected when curb marking requests are made.

 Type of Curb Marking Applicable Fee
 Driveway Red Tipping $156
 Red Tipping Refresh Within 2 years, 50% of fee
After 2 years, 100% of  fee 
 Green Zone $195
 White Zone $195
 Yellow Zone $195
 Non-Critical Red Zone $195
 Critical Red Zone * No Fee
 Blue Zone No Fee
* Red zones that benefit of the whole community and increase intersection turn space and visibility.

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