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City Council Vision and Strategic Goals
 City Council Vision Strategic Goals
San Mateo:
  • Is a pre-eminent City between San Francisco and San Jose
  • Has strong, attractive commercial areas and viable, wholesome neighborhoods
  • Has a solid, healthy economic and financial base that cultivates innovation and technology
  • Includes its diverse population in all facets of community life and is a nurturing place for youth
  • Is safe and has well maintained infrastructure
  • Is the cultural center of the County
  • Is increasingly sustainable and a leader in reduce carbon emissions

To achieve this vision, the San Mateo City Government will:
  • Facilitate the effective functioning and development of the community and its citizens
  • Ensure all elements of the community are well represented in the government process
  • Serve as both a facilitator and a provider in seeing that community needs and desires are addressed through the most appropriate, effective delivery system whether it is public, non-public or public/private partnership
  • Serve as a consensus builder in the community and articulate collective direction
  • Maintain a responsive, capable staff dedicated to serving the community in a non-bureaucratic manner and provide high value for the expenditure of public funds
  • Look to the long-term future of the community and seek constant improvement, including increasing sustainability and reducing the community's carbon footprint
  • Be a full partner in the sharing of common services and regional affairs that affect the City
The Strategic Directions express the Council's Vision in terms of key targets that must be accomplished to achieve its Vision. These Strategic Directions are:

Safe, Clean, and Attractive Neighborhoods
  • Ensure higher levels of public safety, especially in neighborhoods under the most stress.
  • Enhance the quality of residential neighborhoods by encouraging improved appearance and more community involvement.
Successful Businesses and a Solid Tax Base
  • Increase the economic vitality of the City with strengthened ties between business and the general community.
A Community Where Residents Can Flourish and Youth are Nurtured
  • Continue to encourage involvement of youth in our community by improving programs for children, pre-teens, and teens.
Orderly Planning, Development, and Functioning of the Community
  • Support future growth and redevelopment in Downtown, other commercial areas, and along the transportation corridor to ensure a well-planned environment and promote a high quality of life.
  • Continue efforts to increase entry - level housing, strive for a balance between jobs and housing, and provide incentives for City employees to live in San Mateo.
  • Continue to invest in the long-term infrastructure needs of the City and create an identity for San Mateo that generates civic pride and responsibility.
An Open, Participative, and Effective City Government
  • Continue to provide cost-effective and quality services that are accessible to all segments of the San Mateo community.
  • Maintain City finances where expenses do not exceed ongoing revenues.
  • Expand community outreach and participation opportunities for all who live and/or work in San Mateo.
  • Continue to cooperate with schools and other agencies to improve services, strengthen partnerships, avoid duplication and decrease costs.
  • Develop and maintain an organization that values employee participation and a sense of ownership.
  City Council 2016-17 Priorities
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