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Recycling at the Event

Think Green!
We strive to be a “green city” and we need your help. Yes, there will be plenty of garbage cans. But with just a little more thought, you can help the environment and recycle many of the items you will use at the concert.

Here’s an easy guide to follow when helping San Mateo go GREEN.

GREEN BIN = Food and Paper

  • All food (even bones!)
  • All paper (plates, napkins, paper cups, newspapers, flyers, programs)
  • Dirty paper plates & pizza boxes
  • NO plastic lids, plastic plates or Styrofoam! (Throw those in the BLACK Bin)

BLUE BIN = Bottles and Cans

  • Water bottles (or any plastic bottle)
  • Soda cans (or any metal or aluminum can)
  • Glass bottles (for example, Snapple, Pellegrino, or wine bottle)
  • Yogurt containers (dairy containers)


  • Plastic plates, lids, straws, forks, knives, take-out containers 
  • Styrofoam to-go boxes (or anything Styrofoam)
  • Take-out fountain soda cups
  • Seran Wrap

There will be event signage to help you make the right recycling choice! Thank You for Helping the Environment!


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