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Cardio, Body Shaping & Strength Training

We provide many ways you can maintain a strong heart, shape your body and build strength.

Cardio Classes       

Strength Training/Body Sculpting

For more information as well as specific times and locations for all of the above classes, please see the activity guide.

Cardio Classes

Classic Cardio Dance
This classic, one of a kind high intensity class is a fat-burning, body toning workout that combines Jazz, Funk, Latin Dance moves as well as resistance training and flexibility.

Cardio Kickboxing
This class moves to energizing music that will have you sweating. You'll punch, kick, and groove your body into amazing shape and have fun doing it! Begins with a warm-up followed by intervals of alternating intensity and ends with a safe, effective cool down.

Cardio Plus for 50 & Better
Try our Cardio workout plus strength training for people over age 50. Get and keep in shape no matter what your fitness level in a welcoming environment. Great music, fun low impact choreography, routines you can do at any intensity.

A dance workout class for EVERYONE! Think you can't dance? Now anyone can! Perfect for anyone who's ever wanted to learn to dance.

Fitness Fusion
This great fitness class blends easy to follow low impact cardio dance and basic strength training for a total body workout.

Low Impact Aerobics
Follow easy routines and fun music that gets your whole body moving, with the added benefits of toning and stretching in this aerobic class. 

U-Jam Fitness™

This class is an athletic hip-hop dance fitness workout that combines dance and high energy music for a workout that is bound to get your heart rate up, your body moving and make you work up a sweat using 

easy to learn dance steps. This class will leave you craving for more!

Zumba is a Latin-inspired, dance-fitness workout class that incorporates Latin, Hip Hop and world music and dance movements. Class format combines fast and slow rhythms that tone and sculpt the body. The cardio based dance movements are easy to follow and is an exciting workout designed for everyone.

Zumba Gold
Zumba Gold targets baby boomers by offering modified moves to suit the needs of the active older participant as well as those new to fitness. Enjoy zesty Latin music, exhilarating easy-to-follow moves in a friendly and fun atmosphere. Instructors are Zumba Gold certified.

Strength Training/Body Sculpting

Strength Training/Body Scultping
Build strong bones and accelerate your metabolism in this class that is designed to strengthen, tone and shape specific muscle groups. 

Strength Training/Posture Power
The loss of muscles that occurs with age is reversible! This class is specially designed for those who want to regain strength, freedom of movement and increase metabolism.

Strength Training for Healthy Living
With basic strengthening exercises you can regain strength, balance, and range of motion. By working with correct alignment you'll be able to keep moving pain free. Free weights and resistance bands provided to allow you to progress from very light resistance to heavier weight.

Strength Training Plus+
This class combines power strengthening moves designed to get your heart rate up while strengthening muscles. By using resistance bands, ankles bands, figure 8 bands and free weights you will challenge every muscle, increase heart rate and never get bored.

Zumba Toning
This is a specialty class that blends body sculpting techniques AND Zumba moves into one calorie-burning strength training class. 

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