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Frequently Asked Questions

My child does not meet the age requirement; can he/she still attend?
Because class activities are chosen and designed to address the abilities and interests of the ages specified, we require the child meet the age requirement at the start of the class or within two weeks of the start of the course for most classes. We would be happy to assist you in finding a course that better suits your child’s age, so give us a call or check out our most recent activity guide or browse online.

What benefits will my child receive from attending these courses?
Some classes will focus on creativity and expression, while others will concentrate on academics, and strategic and critical thinking. All Early Exploration courses will provide the opportunity for your child to make friends, explore new interests and build confidence and esteem in a fun and playful atmosphere.

Should I dress my child in “play” clothes?
When in doubt yes, especially if your child is signed up for an art course. We encourage children to play and explore, and they are much more willing to do so if they are not worried about their clothes!

Can I stay in class with my child?
Policies on volunteering may vary by course; however, we encourage children to try the course by themselves. This way, the child can bond with the instructor and other children, as well as explore their interests independently.

Why do the courses in Early Explorations vary in cost?
Some of our courses are taught by skilled professionals in the field of the class topic. For example, some of our music classes are taught by trained musicians that have been specifically educated on how to teach music to children. Other courses (i.e., Silly Snacks) may be led by our recreation staff that may not be professionally trained in a specialty discipline, but are wonderful at creating structured activities that provide foundational experiences.

There is only one spot available in the class I want, but I have two children. Can I register them both?
Depending on the program, the supervisor may be able to accommodate both children. If not, we encourage you to place one of the children on the waitlist and if a spot becomes available, we will contact you.

We are going to have friends/family/visitors staying with us. Is it possible for their children to participate in the class?
Only registered participants may attend the program.

We are interested in the Kids In Tune Family class, but will have one parent and two children participating. Do we have to pay the entire fee for the extra child?
We offer a second person/sibling rate for a few of our programs. See the Recreation Department Activity Guide for more information.

The Activity Guide says that there is a “course fee payable to instructor.” Can I pay this fee at the time of registration instead?
This fee needs to be paid directly to the instructor on the first day of class.

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