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Middle School Event FAQ
What is a Middle School Event?
It is an event put on by the San Mateo Recreation Department for middle school students attending Abbott, Bayside, Borel, Bowditch, North Shoreview and private schools within the San Mateo area. It is held at the King Community Center, 725 Monte Diablo, 6:30-9pm. The cost is $8 per student prior to the event and $10 at the door. These events may include the following: DJ, games, inflatables, snack sales, video games, etc… Please listen to the daily announcements at your schools for updated information on what each event entails.

Upcoming dates: Friday, September 25, 2015; Friday, January 22, 2016; Friday, April 22, 2016

How are tickets distributed?
Any student may purchase a ticket the week before the event (Monday – Friday) at King & Beresford Recreation Centers during regular business hours. Additionally, Bayside Middle School students may purchase 1 ticket on campus during lunch on the Thursday or Friday before the event.

** Tickets will be sold at the door the night of the event for $10. Please note that the child’s parent or legal guardian must be present to fill out and sign the back of the ticket.

Students must have their school I.D. to purchase tickets. Additionally acceptable proof is a note from a school administrator on school letterhead confirming his/her attendance to a middle school, a recent report card, or school loop. If they do not have I.D. or proof they attend a middle school, they will not be allowed into the event and will be asked to leave – we will be extremely strict about this rule so please prepare in advance! STUDENTS MUST BRING THEIR TICKET WITH COMPLETED AND LEGIBLE CONTACT INFORMATION TO ENTER THE EVENT!!!

Refunds & Lost Tickets
A refund on your ticket can be obtained by calling 522-7478 by Thursday at 3:00pm the day before the event. No refund will be given if you have not called the above number. If you have lost your ticket – A parent must accompany the child to check in at the event. Once the name and ticket sold has been verified, the parent will complete the contact information and may enter the event.

What kinds of safety precautions are taken?
This letter is our first step to make parents and students aware of the rules and changes that are taking place. By having students show I.D. we decrease the chances of high school students “sneaking” into the event. The event is staffed with Parks & Recreation staff who are stationed throughout the building during the event. When students enter they are checked in and patted down for any prohibited items (see rules on back). A student is not allowed to leave the event early unless a parent is present. The doors close at 7:30pm – NO EXCEPTIONS.

We do not have the staffing capabilities to handle late arrivals. Additionally, the event ends at 9pm sharp, if your child has not been picked up by 9:30pm staff will contact the San Mateo Police Department and they will be released into their custody and will be unable to attend future events. Hopefully this letter has answered many questions regarding the middle school events. If you have further questions please call the Supervisor at 522-7478.


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