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Dance Programs
  • The Parks and Recreation Department has designed our dance program to grow with your child – meaning, we have an established curriculum that builds upon the skills and techniques that are taught in the previous class level. There are classes for tots as young as 2 (with their parents) all the way through the teen years.  We offer many different types of dance including:
  • Creative Dance 
  • Tap Dance
  • Ballet
  • Jazz/Hip Hop
  • World Dance

For detailed information on any of the creative dance classes, see our Activity Guide.

Creative Dance
Creative Dance provides children an opportunity to explore their creativity while learning the basics of dance technique. Our classes range from tiny tots learning how to follow directions to modern dance classes for 7-18 year olds. Tots as young as two can join us with their parents!

  • Parent Tot Dance (age 2-3 years)
  • Dance Time (age 3 – 4 years)
    • For the above classes: Wear loose, comfortable clothing or dance leotard. Both: bare feet and bare legs or leggings. 
  • Kinderdance (age 4-5 years)
  • Creative Dance (age 5-7 years)
    • For the above classes: Girls wear pink tank style leotard with no skirt attached; boys wear white T-shirt and  shorts. Both: bare feet and bare legs or leggings. 
  • Dance I (age 6-9 years)
  • Dance II/III (age 7-11 years)
    • For the above classes: Girls wear red short-sleeve leotard; boys wear red T-shirt and shorts. Both: bare feet and bare legs or leggings.
  • Contemporary Dance (age 12-18 years)
    • For the above classes: Girls wear black leotard and pants; boys wear black T-shirt and shorts

Tap Dance
Tap dance explores rhythm and percussive movement using your feet. We have classes for children ages 4–9 years, which teach and build on the basic steps of this truly American dance form.

  •  Kinderdance/Tap Combo (age 4-5 years)
  •  Tap Intro (age 4-6 years)
  •  Tap I/II (age 7- years)
    • For the above classes: Wear red short-sleeve leotard and tap shoes. Students may wear optional black jazz pants or leggings.


Ballet is a graceful art form and teaches correct alignment, balance and increases flexibility. We have classes for children ages 4 – 18 years.

  • Pre Ballet/Tap Combo:
    • For the above classes: Girls wear light blue short sleeve leotard with no skirt attached; boys wear shorts and shirts. Ballet shoes for the ballet portion of class, tap shoes are required for the tap portion.    
  • Ballet Intro, and Ballet I:
    • For the above classes: Wear light blue short-sleeve leotard, pink tights and pink ballet slippers for girls; boys wear shorts and shirts and black ballet slippers.
  • Ballet II/III and Ballet for Teens:       
    • For the above classes: Girls wear black leotard and pink tights; boys wear black leggings and white t-shirt.

Jazz/Hip Hop
Jazz and Hip Hop classes are some of our most popular. We have ten different classes for children ages 6 to 18 years. These classes are high energy, fun and exciting, enabling children to develop strength, coordination, flexibility and self expression.

  • Fun 'n Funky and Jazz Classes:
    • For the above classes:Girls wear black leotard and pants; boys wear black T-shirt and shorts.
  • Hip Hop Classes:
    • For the above classes:Wear fitted black T-shirt with long black jazz pants and black tennis or jazz shoes.

Jazz-Ma-Tazz & Jr. Jazz-Ma-Tazz
These jazz troupes are for current members only and rehearse weekly with commitment throughout the school year. Acceptance is based on ability, behavior and commitment. Members must also take a dance technique class (preferably in our dance program). Jr. Jazz-Ma-Tazz (JrJMT) is an entry-level troupe for the dancer new to the company and meets at 4:00 PM. Jazz-Ma-Tazz (JMT) meets at 5:15 PM and is for the advanced dancer or previous company member. For information on booking, call 387-5385 or email  Director: Katie Salem. Director's Assistant: Tina Burke.

World Dance
World dance is an opportunity for children to immerse themselves in another culture. World dance classes are currently focused on Irish Step Dance and Mexican Folkloric Dance, but we do add new classes, so please see our Activity Guide for more information about our world dance program.

Boys Dance
It's a boy thing! You will be breaking and popping and hipping and hopping in this class. We play games and we have fun. Instructors: Priscilla and Keven Stanford. Call  (650) 594-9817 for more information.

Dance Crew
Join the Dance Crew and learn about our program from the inside out! Work along side our dance instructors as a role model for our young dancers or provide vital support in the dance office or behind the scenes at the Dance Shows. Dancers 9 years or older can assist in a dance class and 13 years or older can work in the dance office. Dance Crew members are expected to assist in class(es) and/or the Dance Office from September through June. Dance Crew Trainings take place every October and May. It is our objective to provide a fun and enriching experience for everyone in Dance Crew. For more info, contact the Dance Crew Coordinator at (650) 522-7522 x 6553.

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