The City of San Mateo is excited to announce that SunShares is back again this year!

SunShares is a renewable energy procurement program making it easier and more affordable for Bay Area residents to go solar or purchase an electric vehicle.

Support local clean energy! Sign up at by November 10th, 2017, to access discounts and free education on residential solar, electric vehicles, and clean community utility programs for renters.

SunShares is a project of the Business Council on Climate Change (BC3), a non-profit working with Bay Area businesses to take collective action on sustainability issues.

Join us for a Sunshares Workshop on October 17th at the Main Library.  This workshop features the Sunshares vendors and also Home Upgrade, Peninsula Clean Energy, SunWork and Ygrene. Get access to discounts and free education on
residential solar, electric vehicles, energy efficiency programs and financing options.
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$500 Clean Fuel Rebate from PG&E

As an electric vehicle (EV) owner, you're contributing to a cleaner energy future by fueling your vehicle with electricity. PG&E customers with EVs are eligible to receive a $500 Clean Fuel Rebate for their use of electricity as a clean transportation fuel.

Clean Fuel Rebate Program

The Clean Fuel Rebate comes from a State of California program called the Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS). The Low Carbon Fuel Standard is fighting climate change by encouraging the adoption of clean vehicle fuels such as electricity. PG&E earns credits in the program when customers use electricity at home to charge their electric vehicles. PG&E returns the value of these credits to its electric vehicle customers through the Clean Fuel Rebate. Peninsula Clean Energy customers are also eligible for this rebate.

Eligibility requirements for the Clean Fuel Rebate

  • You must be a PG&E customer with an active residential electric account. As the account holder, you may also apply on behalf of an EV owner in your household (or tenant in a multifamily household) with the vehicle owner’s permission.
  • You must own or lease an eligible plug-in electric vehicle or have permission from the vehicle owner to submit the application.
  • Your vehicle, identified by its unique vehicle identification number (VIN), must not have already received the Clean Fuel Rebate under the current owner or any previous owner.
  • You must have paid the vehicle's current registration fees and your vehicle must be registered in California to the address on your PG&E account.
Apply for your rebate through a simple online application

Once submitted, PG&E will review your application to confirm eligibility. If approved, your Clean Fuel Rebate check will be mailed to the address on your PG&E account.

Energy Efficiency Resources for Residents

Rebates for energy efficiency home improvements are available through the Energy Upgrade California Home Upgrade program. Homeowners can receive rebates from $1,000 to $3,150 for improvements such as air sealing; duct sealing; insulation; high-efficiency furnaces, air conditioners, and water heaters; energy-efficient windows, and more. And, through Advanced Home Upgrade, homeowners can receive from $1,000 to $6,500 for a more in-depth energy upgrade that includes a home energy assessment. Learn more about this program.

In addition, PG&E offers a variety of rebates for new energy efficiency appliances for your home. View a current list of available rebates. Other rebate programs are available for replacement of home HVAC units and pool pumps.

Energy Efficiency Resources for Businesses

Small and medium sized business can take advantage of the San Mateo County Energy Watch Turn-key Energy Efficiency Retrofit Program which provides free energy assessments and subsidized energy efficiency upgrades of lighting and refrigeration systems, with free project management to help you lower your energy bills and boost cash flow. Learn more about this program.

Solar Resources for Residents and Businesses

Installing a solar system is a great way to reduce your energy bill and your carbon footprint as well as increase the resale value of your property. Before going forward with a solar installation, here are some important considerations:

Is your property energy efficient?

Before you install a renewable energy source for your property, it is encouraged you do everything you can to improve your current energy efficiency. A few simple measures can save you money by reducing your overall energy or water consumption. You may be able to save thousands of dollars in up-front costs by reducing the size of the system you will need to install for your property. Understanding your energy usage also will also help to prepare you for an informed discussion with your contractor. As a result, it is recommended that property owners complete an energy efficiency audit prior to purchasing a solar system.

How to size the system?

In order to determine the potential cost, it is good to get an initial sense of how large a system your property will require. The Solar Calculator provides a quick estimate of the cost and size of the system you will need to power your property.

How to finance the solar installation?

Solar customers have multiple options when financing their solar energy systems, including several options with no upfront payments. Popular forms of solar financing include:
  • Loans (Home Equity, PACE, and/or direct loans from Solar companies)
  • Power Purchase Agreements
  • Solar Leases
Learn more about these options.

How to Choose a Contractor?

Choosing the best renewable energy system for your home begins by finding a qualified contractor. Your contractor will help select the system and sizing that meets your home’s energy needs, as well as arrange the permitting, installation, and site inspections necessary to connect your system to PG&E. If you qualify for rebates or incentives, your contractor also will also help to fill out the required application forms. The following database can help you identify active solar contractors in your area including their recently completed project statistics.
For more information, download this helpful Guide to Going Solar published jointly by PG&E and the State Go Solar California Initiative.

You can also visit Let's Go Solar to learn more about solar energy for your home or business.

Property Assessed Clean Energy Financing for Residents and Businesses

The City has authorized Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) programs to operate in the City. PACE programs present an innovative financing solution to help reduce the upfront costs of renewable energy and energy efficiency projects. By allowing property owners to spread the cost of a project over many years as part of the owner's annual property tax payments, PACE programs make renewable energy and energy efficiency projects more affordable for property owners interested in saving energy and reducing their utility bills.

The various allowable PACE programs offer options for property owners to choose from. All of the City's PACE programs may be used to finance renewable energy, energy and water efficient improvements, and electric vehicle charging infrastructure. Water efficient landscaping projects range from drip irrigation to artificial turf installation and can also include greywater reuse systems, rotating sprinkler nozzle installation, and other drought tolerant landscaping upgrades.

Visit the program links below for more information on each PACE program authorized to operate in San Mateo: