Business Area Street Cleaning

The City of San Mateo wants to support the business districts by providing a clean, safe and inviting environment for residents and visitors.

The City partners with private businesses to make business areas attractive for all. Our business areas have a variety of shops, restaurants, and places of entertainment thanks to our entrepreneurial small business owners. We enhance attractiveness by keeping these areas clean, safe and well-lit.

This successful cooperation creates high-traffic areas with a greater need for more frequent street sweepings.

Our Business Areas include:

  • Downtown San Mateo
  • 25th Avenue (El Camino to Hacienda)
  • 37th Avenue (Just off of El Camino)
  • 42nd Avenue (Just off of El Camino)

Business Cleaning Schedule

To continue to maintain downtown—our City’s key “economic engine”—we provide street cleaning on the following schedule:

  • From January to November, the business district streets are swept three times a week.
  • From November to January, the business district streets are cleaned daily due to heavier traffic in the retail centers.
  • We clean streets every day of the year except on City Holidays.

More Information

Street Sweeper in Busines Area