Downtown Specific Plan Update

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  September 1, 2017


Downtown Specific Plan Study Area Map


City of San Mateo
Community Development Department


Julia Klein
Principal Planner
(650) 522-7216

Simon Vuong
Associate Planner
(650) 522-7210

Project Email


  • For more information regarding the Downtown Specific Plan update effort or materials related to the latest Community Workshop, please visit the project website for the most current information:
  • We expect to conduct further community engagement towards the end of the year but will also do outreach in smaller settings in the meantime, so please check back often for updates.
  • For questions or to sign-up for emails regarding this important community planning process, please send an email to


Downtown Specific Plan Study Area Map


  • August 28, 2017: Community Workshop #2 (How do we shape our Downtown given what we know?)
  • August 1, 2017: Taste & Talk Forum #3 (Density by Design. What does the future of Downtown look like to you?)
  • April 24, 2017: Taste & Talk Forum #2 (Quality of Life and the Future of Downtown. Can the two co-exist?)
  • March 29, 2017: Community Workshop #1 (What is Your Vision for the Future of Downtown?)
  • February 8, 2017: Taste & Talk Forum #1 (Quality of Life and Vitality)
  • January 23, 2017: Kick-Off Meeting